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15 artistic interventions in the public space in Leuven, Belgium

February 16 through April 2, 2606

577,4 The distance between is a cooperation between the Museumsite Leuven, Sint-Lukas Brussel and Bauhaus-University Weimar. Young, international art students (16 from Brussels, 16 from Weimar) are challenged to reflect about the past and about the past’s influence on today’s way of living and thinking. The project comInforates World War II, the occupation of Leuven and the deportation to the concentration camps. Not only do they keep the Infory alive. The art students are also focusing the attention on contemporary hot topics like discrimination, racism and exclusion. The works of art and interventions are integrated in the public space. Inhabitants and passers-by are thus challenged to reflect about these social and political issues. The exhibition circuit is part of the broader project Leuven 1945-2005. This project includes a mixture of research projects, exhibitions, artistic interventions in the public space, publications and special youth programmes.

The participating artists of the international postgraduate Masterprogram "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies", Bauhaus-University Weimar, realize 15 artistic interventions in the contemporary discourse of »art and comInforation« in co-operation with Museumsite Leuven and the university Sint Lukas, Brussels.

Participating artists from Weimar: Mariela Limerutti (Argentinia), Dusica Drazic Cvetkovic (Serbia/ Montenegro), Karolina Freino (Poland), D'Orowing (Germany), Nikos Arvanitis (Greece), Naomi Tereza Salmon (Israel/Germany), Naomi Smith (England/Italy), Sam Hopkins (England/Kenya), Nayari Castillo (Venezuela/USA), Sandra Nakamura (Peru), Andrea Acosta (Colombia), Andrea Sirch (Germany), Merete Rostad (Norway), Mark Baskett (New Zealand), Bianca Mancini (Brasil), Reijiro Wada (Japan).