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With Sandra Johnston, AFK (Antifascist Youth Collective), Yuri Leiderman,
Zbigniew Libera, Naomi Tereza Salmon, Eyal Sivan, Attila Szűcs, Gitte Villesen

Trafó Gallery | Budapest | November 10th through December 4th, 2005

The exhibition aims at showing the potentials, the power and timeliness of artistic presentation and approaches by looking at specific productions and their impact on our present concepts of Infory and perception. It aims at presenting of the ways in which the Holocaust and its archives are being integrated (and re-integrated) into current cultural Infory. One of its main focuses is to create discussion of how the archive of the Shoah can be treated in connection to and apart from historical reflections. The show will consist of new commissions (a public art project and a performance) and already existing works in different media including film, video installation, painting. It brings together different approaches that examine the official versus individual ways/strategies of comInforation, historical representation versus contemporary art and the interaction between documentation, reconstruction, interpretation and symbolization focusing on notions like authenticity, truth, objectivity, manipulation, responsibility. Among other things it would discuss how a narrative draws its authority from the documents it cites and how the distinction between re-imagined narrative and authentic documents is being blurred pointing at the constructedness and the ?inescapably? literary character of historical knowledge.

Related Programs:
A performance by Yuri Leiderman on 10 November, 7 pm, Trafó Gallery.
A performance by Sandra Johnston on 11 November, location to be announce.
A lecture by Zbigniew Libera on 18 November, 5 pm, Hungarian House of Photography*
A lecture by Eyal Sivan on 25 November, 5 pm, Hungarian House of Photography*

Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest, Nagymező str. 20.