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MAY 11, 1999 | BORIS IS A FASCINATING STORYBOOK, on life in the Concentration Camps. He spent his youth as a prisoner of the Nazi´s. He was so young and innocent he was chosen to sweep the guards office and consequently was able to save his fathers life with a simple erasure. A wised up Italian Socialist leader told them how to survive in the camps without being a kapo.

He has hundreds of incredible stories to tell in the simplest language; but instead likes to wax poetic. But it is hard being poetic when you do not have a native language. His native language was Russian and as a child learned Latvian; but studied at a German language oriented school in Riga. His current language is English and he can weave tales beautifully in it when he doesn't try to render it poetically. His English vocabulary is superb and fully expressive. He can tell you incredible stories of his life, escape, the Red Army, the American Army....etc. etc. etc. ... they incredible.

It would be such a sorry thing to lose his Infories of those incredible years. His search for his mother and sisters remains is a bit of Kafkaesque literature.

His father was a man of unusual ability and survival skills; in a few years he went from a concentration camp scarecrow to a wealthy New York Realtor. Despite that he encouraged his son to pursue the arts.

In a way Boris is the "Everyman" of the 20th Century and in a way his father was the Faust.

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DECEMBER 23, 2000 | AS AN AFFICIONADO of the NO!art genre I should of ourse recognize your name instantly; but being English speaking almost exclusively, when I see your name my instant reaction is "this is a spammer". Since I pick out the word DIET and think it is an ad for making me again into the slender changeling I once was. So once again I say NO! especially to the "Grim Reaper" and a Nun's Snot in Dublin Town. I wish you a creative year. Martin Levitt

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MARCH 10, 2004 | NO!art MEDALLION

MedallionMedallion note

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MARCH 11, 2004 | THANK YOU FOR THE NEWSLETTER, not too informative as yet, but strikingly handsome. As I always said, it is better to be handsome than gifted or intelligent. As you can see I belong to the Young Werther generation. Also, artistically I pursue the goals of Romain Rollands. "Jean Christophe". ART HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY SCRAWNY MISTRESS AND TORMENTOR. Keep up the good work! The logo you developed is just smashing.

Martrin (who is now watching the snow slowly disappear on our Vermont slopes)

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MARCH 5, 2005 | THE ANCIENT BORIS LURIE has neverr seen the NO!art-site. He has no computer knowledge or a gestalt with electronics. He is in an outside toilet sitting on a cold board crumpling a piece of newspaper in his hand. I have told him that the current NO!art-site is right on target with his reportage of art in 2005. Keep up the good work. Your presentation is splendid. Martin Levitt

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JUNE 4, 2005 | WORKING WITH BORIS! Working with anyone who survived the death camps is a tricky business. They are always looking for some danger and making maneuvers to srew you up. I have been a friend and even did work for Boris. It was for cash on the barrel head. I am willing to entertain Boris, feed Boris, help Boris; butbusiness deals are only done with me in charge. After the war I found the survivors of concentration camps had very abrasive and difficult personalities: There is no one who could go through that type of regime and life and come away unscaathed. It didn't matter if you were French or Russian or Scandinavian; you were never normal again.You were a survivor! Kicked and beaten when you were a innocent puppy. Essentially Boris is generous and affectionate human who lives with a huge number of hideous, emotional scars.

When you do any business with him you must set up all the boundaries and rules in advance. As a result I have a great relationship with him.He has been a good and loyal riend and knows exactl what he has to deal with me. Boris probably thinks that I am a combination of irascible and feebleminded.He fancies he knows how to deal with me. GOOD!

But never forget he is intelligent and creative and that is a precious quality in a friend. You just have to laugh at his occasional pernicious forays. love, Martin

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FEBRUARY 11, 2006 | SAVING BORIS ... FROM HIS ENEMY ... Dear Friends of Uncle Boris, It is just wonderful that everyone is so hopeful about Boris. Most of it sounds like pitiful and discordant whistling. I was under the impression from Boris, though he wasn't thrilled with it; he planned to have Gertrude Stein's son to be in charge of the foundation named for his sister and mother and also if he would help perpetuate the art work that Boris has done. He would also would try to keep "No!art" functioning.

It seems that Everyone is pretending that Boris will soon be at the Cedar Bar hosting a gathering of artists. If Boris survives this latest incident he will be in no shape to live alone. He will need constant care and rehabilitation. To use a common simile, "Someone has to step up to the plate as a pinch hitter for Comrade Boris". If he had been sent to a rehab to begin with, he would be vigorous and making money and doing art work and torturing a slew of Hispanic workers.

The ideal situation would be a decent apartment with a live in, tough, middle aged, illegal Mexican woman in control.

Boris is easy to control, he is not a fighter, he is a survivor. If he survives this last gambit, it is an ideal time for him to create art and find a staff for his foundation.

I hope somebody can find someway to convince Boris that he is now as famous as Giotto and should just do art work, to help fill out his legend. Or he can continue to play Daddy Warbucks and work on his market ventures; but in a controlled environment. If he is left in charge, he is a "dead man".

Isn't there someone who will take charge?

a worried - 80 year old friend, Martin Levitt

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JANUARY 24, 2007 | Artworks. If you give me an adress I will send a disk with picture - drawings and paintings. As farI know through the folio I have on AOL is readily available.

Keep up the good fight. I always thought the depression song of the 1930's by George Gershwin desctibed the "NO!art" philosophy. "Got plenty of nothin', Nothin' is plenty for me!"
Sincerely, Martin pictures

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