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ALLAN KAPROW: "YARD" | Review by Martha Buskirk | Published in: Artforum international on December 2009: “REARRANGE THE TIRES.” The repeated command, its authority bolstered by the familiar-sounding intonations of an Obama impersonator, was part of the sound track for William Pope.L’s 2009 reinvention of Allan Kaprow’s 1961 Yard—two proper names now attached to a pile of tires occupying the same town house on New York’s Upper East Side where the Martha Jackson Gallery hosted Kaprow’s original intrusion. The first version of Yard got its name from its outdoor location, in a courtyard that Kaprow filled with tires after covering over the modernist sculptures already on site. more

ALLAN KAPROW: "FRIEZE" | Review by Olivier Debroise | on September 8, 2009: How could an artist thrive after Jackson Pollock? It was a rather crucial question in the aftermath of the artist’s death, detonating harsh factional battles, if not among artists themselves, then among the increasing number of critics, dealers and curators hunting for ‘the next Pollock’. Allan Kaprow was one of the first to express a feeling of orphanhood that would hasten a transformation of art practices in the late 1950s: writing in the first person plural, as though his voice stood for a full generation, Kaprow explained in his essay ‘The Legacy of Jackson Pollock’ (1958): ‘We were a piece of him: he was perhaps, the embodiment of our ambition for complete freedom.’ . more

Allan Kaprow: "SWEET WALL" | FUNDACIÓ ANTONI TÀPIES | Curator Oriol Fontdevilla | Museum Fundació Antoni Tàpies | Aragó 255 | Barcelona | 2014: Sweet Wall took place in 1970 in Berlin, on wasteland close to the Berlin Wall among the skeletons and wreckage of buildings bombed during the Second World War. The intervention consisted of the construction of a concrete wall about thirty meters long and half a metre tall. The mortar used to join the blocks consisted of strawberry jam spread onto slices of bread. Allan Kaprow constructed the wall with the cooperation of a dozen people and it took a whole afternoon to build.more

New National Gallery stages happening at five locations. Overcoming barriers, conquering new spheres: Because the Neue Nationalgalerie is being renovated, Allan Kaprow's "Fluids" will be staged in the city. | By Nicola Kuhn | Published in: Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, on September 14, 2015: The Mies van der Rohe Building closed for renovation? No problem. The Neue Nationalgalerie is on its way out anyway, having to clear out the building for refurbishment. It takes it literally and goes straight out onto the street. "City/Image," the theme of Berlin Art Week, becomes concrete here. Allan Kaprow (1927 - 2006), the American action artist, is the best possible godfather for going out into the open. He has always been concerned that art is buried in museums. more

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