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LEON GOLUB, PAINTER ON A HEROIC SCALE, IS DEAD AT 82 | By Holland Cotter in: New York Times on August 12, 2004: Leon Golub, an American painter of expressionistic, heroic-scale figures that reflect dire modern political conditions, died on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 82 and lived in Manhattan. - The cause was complications after surgery, said his son Stephen, a professor of economics at Swarthmore College. - Born in Chicago in 1922, Mr. Golub received a graduate degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1950; the following year he married the artist Nancy Spero. At the time Abstract Expressionism was considered by many to be the advanced style of the day. But from the start Mr. Golub was an artist in the figurative tradition, which was also thriving in the work of American artists as diverse as Ben Shahn and David Park. more

LEON GOLUB, Politically engaged American artist whose work explored power, violence, war and human suffering: | by Jon Bird in: The Guardian, London, on August 13, 2004: Leon Golub, one of the major American artists of the postwar period, has died in New York, aged 82. His wife, the artist Nancy Spero, and their sons say that he left the world as he had always inhabited it - looking clearly and resolutely at the reality of things. - Following the generation of New York-based artists identified by their abstract and expressionist paintings, Golub, who was born in Chicago and studied at the School of the Art Institute under the GI Bill in 1947, was very much part of an alternative style of figuration based upon the expressive possibilities of the human body. more

LEON GOLUB, Painter of figurative work attacking the brutality of war | by Charles Darwent, in: Independent, London, on Wednesday 25 August 2004: When the Whitney Museum of American Art's exhibition "War! Protest in America 1965-2004" opens in New York tomorrow, it will be eloquent proof of Leon Golub's belief that if you stick to your guns for long enough, people end up agreeing with you. - Long before it was fashionable for painters to attack current US adventurism in Iraq, Golub was making his voice heard. A founder member of the artists' section of Refuse and Resist!, an American anti-war group, he was one of the first signatories to a June 2002 petition, "Not In Our Name", condemning the Bush administration's policy of invasion. - And long before that, in the mid-1960s, when artists like Jasper Johns and Philip Guston were painting anti-war pictures so intellectually allusive as to go over the heads of most Americans, Golub was working on paintings with names like Vietnam and Napalm and Assassins. These were every bit as graphic as their titles suggest: "I am," Golub said, "a machine that turns out monsters." Many of these same monsters will be in the Whitney's protest-art show this autumn. more

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