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International Documentary Film Festival | May 11th & 16th, 2009

THE TEL AVIV CINEMATHEQUE | 2, Shprintzak Street | Tel Aviv 61203 | ISRAEL

Amikam Goldman,Film, Long Distance

On the street corners of south Tel Aviv, stand, forgotten, public telephones, a reminder of the pre-cellular days. Every weekend, the phones come to life as migrant workers gather around them, taking advantage of the weekly day off to phone home. Waiting on the other end of the line are children, financial difficulties, love – each phone call, a story in itself. Kadir, Cynthia, Rosemarie and Gener are migrant workers living in Israel, fighting to maintain the relationships with their loved ones back home in the only medium available- the telephone. The film "Long Distance" follows the stories of these intimate relationships through telephone conversations, where the line is dominated not only by our protagonists and their loved ones, but by the great distance, a distance that alters the relationships, and remodels them in the economic reality of the Western world.

Director: Amikam Goldman | Producer: Yoav Roeh & Aurit Zamir | Production Company: Gum Films
Cinematographer: Daniel Kedem | Editor: Yaara Lipkin-Poran | Israel 2009, 60 min, Tagalog, טווי,
Turkish, Hebrew and English subtitles