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Charles Gatewood, Interviews by V. ValeCHARLES GATEWOOD | Interviews by V. Vale | Re/Search Publications 2015 | This book spans fifty years of "underground/counter-cultural" photography by Charles Gatewood. American-born Charles Gatewood's career has emphasized rebelliousness against the status quo, and documentation of "underground," "underclass" and "bigger-than-life" individuals who live lives that challenge middle-class morals and value systems.
Paperback | 168 p | ISBN 1889307424 (ISBN13: 9781889307428)

GOLIATH WALLPAPER OF FAME | Tattoo Special | John Held Jr., Foreword | Paul Benchley, Preface | Goliath Books 2011 | Where others would look away or change the side of the street, Charles Gatewood pulls out his camera and shoots his subjects, from William S. Burroughs to drunken revelers and modern blood drinkers, like a war photographer.
Paperback | 44 p | ISBN 3936709602 (ISBN13: 9783936709605)

Charles Gatewood: In the BloodIN THE BLOOD by Miranda Luna | C. Gatewood, Photographer | 2011 | In the decaying warehouse performance spaces and dimly lit nightclubs of San Francisco, a predator perfects his rituals of blood and torture, creating vast landscapes of nihilistic hedonism for jaded aesthetes. In the Tenderloin, in a haze of heroin and loss, horror novelist Zoe Starr tries to reassemble the shattered pieces of her life, gradually alienating everybody she has come to trust. A shared lust for blood begets a nightmare world of post-modern sacrifice.
Kindle Edition | Published 2011 by Miranda Luna | ASIN B004QS96WK

Burroughs bookBURROUGHS: This is a 32-page handmade artist’s book, published in an edition of 23 by DanaDanaDana Fine Art Editions. The book shows photos I took of William Burroughs and friends in London, 1972, for Rolling Stone.
 “Charles Gatewood the Sidetripping photographer takes what the walker didn’t quite see, something or somebody he may have looked quickly away from and the photo reminds him of something deja vu in front of his eyes.” —William S. Burroughs

MODERN PRIMITIVES: An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment and Ritual by V. Vale (Editor) | Re/Search Publications 2010 | Modern Primitives is still called "the bible of the tattooing-piercing underground." Also added is a new community section, where current practitioners have been invited to have their cards displayed.
Paperback | 228 p | ISBN 1889307262 (ISBN13: 9781889307268)

Dylan bookA COMPLETE UNKNOWN: a deluxe artist's book
published by Dana Dana Dana | edition of 61 copies | San Francisco, California, 2009 | Closed book measures 11” by 14.5”
Photographs, collage and text by Charles Gatewood. Design by Charles Gatewood and Dana Smith, 30 pages digitally printed with archival inks on 100% rag matte surface digitally coated paper. Hand sewn and bound with a case binding covered with a digitally printed canvas.

Charles Gatewood: Photography for PervertsPHOTOGRAPHY FOR PERVERTS | Greenery Press (CA) 2003
Immortalize yourself, your lover or friends at outrageous erotic moments. This is the first book to explain the increasingly popular art of fetish photography for the layperson or budding professional.
Paperback | 176 p | ISBN 1890159530 (ISBN13: 9781890159535)

Primitives bookPRIMITIVES: Tribal Body Art and the Left Hand Path | Last Gasp 2002 | One of the earliest and most important documents recording the modern primitive subculture. Offering views of sexual exploration and body modifications such as piercings and tattoos in a non-judgmental and illuminating way, Primitives is a glimpse into the life of this culture in its infancy.
Paperback | 64 p | ISBN 0867195274 (ISBN13: 9780867195279)

Charles Gatewood: Messy GirlsMESSY GIRLS! | Goliath Books 2003 | The new book showing over 340 "Sploshing" color photographs of beautiful young fetish girls, naked and proud, smearing their nubile young bodies with pudding, honey and whipped cream, plus every messy substance imaginable. Arty! Sexy! Fresh! & Funny!
Hardcover | ISBN 3936709009 (ISBN13: 9783936709001)

Badlands bookBADLANDS | Goliath Books 2000
The most comprehensive book of cult photographer C. Gatewood's images-and the best photo documentation of America's sexual underground: tough, sexy photos of society's self-chosen outcasts. For over three decades he has been photographing alternative lifestyles, beginning in the late sixties to SM fetish freaks of today.
Paperback | 100 p | ISBN 3980587649 (ISBN13: 9783980587648)

TRUE BLOOD – David Aaron Clark (Collaborator) | Last Gasp 1997
This proves to be a unique look into the art of a all together cloudy subject, for most, performance art at it's most dedicated- The beauty in brutal images of Charles Gatewood. David Aaron Clark has supplied very lush and meditative erotic text to supplement the photos, and together they create a sort of poetry beyond the "taboo" nature of the subject matter.
100 p | Paperback | ISBN 10: 086719443X / ISBN 13: 9780867194432

Forbidden PhotographsFORBIDDEN PHOTOGRAPHS | Flash Pubns 1995
A deluxe new edition of a classic Charles Gatewood book featuring America's sexual underground.
Paperback | 64 p | ISBN 0963815113 (ISBN13: 9780963815118)

The Body And Beyond bookTHE BODY AND BEYOND: | Flash Pubns 1993
A deluxe book featuring the very best of Charles Gatewood's award winning photographs of America's sexual underground. This rich selection of classic images should clearly indicate why Gatewood has been frequently compared to Diane Arbus.

Hardcover | 64 pages | ISBN 0963815105 (ISBN13: 9780963815101)

Wall Street bookWALL STREET: From 1971-1975 I photographed the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan. In 1984, funded by a grant from the New York State Arts Council, I published a small edition of WALL STREET, and upon publication I was awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photojournalism.
 “What Gatewood has delivered up here is a set of visual metaphors for that most secretive perversion, high finance.” —A.D. Coleman

Sidetripping bookSIDETRIPPING: | Strawberry Hill 1975
A first hand account of sixties and seventies counterculture seen through the eyes of pioneering photographer C. Gatewood and legendary scribe William S. Burroughs Chronicling the grotesque, surreal, and liberated American underground.
Paperback | 90 pages | ISBN 0867194421 (ISBN13: 9780867194425)

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