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DID YOU KNOW ... 1974
published in: STOP LYING | New York 1982
booklet edited by The Middle of Silence Gallery

Did you know that every soul is in love with every other soul? It's just that we're out of touch with it.

The understanding that is most difficult to implement but most central to our quest is that of helping those we love to love others. If the one we love loves someone, we must learn to love that person, too, and insist that this consideration is returned so that no one feels abandoned or left out.

Ask for love directly and simply when the need is felt.

One thing I can say about love is that it prepares you for death, because it takes away everything that makes you comfortable and secure.

God is the perfect teacher. Each experience is the perfect lesson. So He wants us to extract the perfect understandings from it. So forget vain regrets, all the "if onlys" about the past.

The one thing you can do to gain self control is describe how you talk yourself into doing what you know you shouldn't.

You'll only get rid of your problems when you help other people with those same problems.

It's much more relieving to get rid of contradictory beliefs than to get rid of material possessions - for example, the belief that the only thing that will make you happy is to be loved, and the belief that you don't deserve to be loved. You have to prove to the one you love that loving you is a good thing, if you don't take the risk of trying, how are you ever going to love yourself?

People are stupid only because they're fearful and give way to their cowardice. There is no stupid, there is only cowardly.

There is no such thing as inferior or superior. When you find yourself feeling inferior or superior to someone else, you're experiencing a hallucination. How can one infinite soul be greater or lesser than another infinite soul?

You can get out of hell if you can only admit you're in it. You have to shout out loud that you're sick and tired of being a coward and a phoney. Then you're free of being haunted.

The only way you can maximize your creative potential is to have nothing at stake.

We should live as if this is the last moment in the world and as if we have all the time in the world.