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LYING 1971
published in: STOP LYING
booklet edited by The Middle of Silence Gallery | New York 1982

What kind of activity is most pervasive upon this planet? The killing of man by man is the most pervasive activity upon this planet! And man's LYING to man was the beginning and the reason behind man's killing of man.

LYING made men out of man, creating solitary pinpoints of protoplasm devoid of love and light.

LYING is the insanity that justifies keeping people in the dark about themselves.

LYING is the insanity that covers our planet with the gore of pretense and pain.

LYING is the sanctioned invitation to the massacre of the will to love.

LYING substitutes comfort for conscience and chaos for concern.

LYING mutilates multiplicity and ravages spontaneity.

LYING spews the viscera of children and the veins of lovers.

LYING plays Russian roulette with reason.

LYING is the shackling of ideals and the mugging of mankind by mankind.

LYING is the plague that empties the mind and hardens the heart.

LYING is the noose that waits in ambush to pounce upon the impulse to be.

LYING is the pillory that shapes sex into a 'tool for murder and revenge.

LYING is what we do every day in every way.

LYING is why you are the way you are and why your neighbor is the enemy
and why he feels that way about you.

LYING is the sanctioned way to deny your need for others while plagiarizing and peddling the stuff of others.

LYING creates the classless society by creating a single class of liars.

LYING is what the top man does as well as his bootlicker.

LYING is the insanity practiced by you and me and he and she multiplied by the millions.

LYING ties man into one smelly knot of multiple mega-lies which he dies and lies for.

LYING has created a vast mental institution in which the ruled and the rulers change hands without rhyme or reason, a case of the clever insane leading the less clever insane.

LYING creates the inner emptiness of TV titillation and the desire to possess and value the worthless.

LYING is not them, or the fellow down the block, or the other guy, or the enemy.

LYING is you. LYING is me. LYING is all of us.

LYING is the swaggering of your secret dreams and the desire to be lied to so
that you may have them answered.