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Published in: Village Voice, New York, March 4, 1971

We are a commune dedicated to the ideal of being absolutely truthful with one another. Absolute truthfulness has never been tried before upon this planet and is the sole solution to the problem of man's misery.

We define love as communication with the goal of mutual gratification. And absolute truthfulness is necessary for accurate communication of one another's needs.

Up until the present, communication has not succeeded in the creation of mutuality (love) because of man's fear of being absolutely truthful. It is no longer necessary to understand the origin of mans fear of truthfulness; it is only necessary that man be absolutely truthful in order for him to discover the magnitude of his responsibilities and the goals of his existence.

Absolute truthfulness is the only means by which need can be communicated to others. We must learn to show our need so other people can respond to it and express their own needfulness. In any given social situation, the person with the greatest need should be taken care of by the person most available. Absolute truthfulness reveals what has to be done for one another, and then it is only a matter of doing what has to be done.

Until now the expression of needfulness was conditionally sanctioned by laws designed to insure survival but not sanity. The ending, of these regulations will lead to sanity although the transition will appear to be a threat to survival. The closer we are to being absolutely truthful, the greater our awareness is of the world as a magical amalgam of the mundane and the mystical, synchronistically leavened for the spiritual edification of man.

The immediate hurt or discomfort caused by telling the truth is far less devastating than the long-range confusion, despair and alienation left in the wake of deception. We must unswervingly adhere to. the conviction that, regardless of how the truth may be received, the more truth, the better. Being totally truthful also frees one from the crippling anxiety of having to guess how much truth is acceptable from one moment to the next, and thus frees the mind to discover its passionate role in the creation of cosmic perfectibility!