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Published in: Beat Coast East, An Anthology of Rebellion,
Excelsior Press, New York 1960

Can you express in detail what happened when you last made love with another person? To be able to do this means you are in touch with yourself and is an index of how well you are fulfilling your potential as a human being.

Why do we say this? Because the overriding purpose of existence is to give pleasure to others and receive pleasure from them. The creation of universal pleasure is the ultimate spiritual goal. Achieving this necessarily involves learning how to identify what enhances or detracts from pleasure. If you cannot express in detail what takes place when you have sex, then you cannot discover the keys to improving it. In the future, man will evolve to a state wherein, through unity of effort, he can WILL and maintain an unending state of exalted pleasure, sending reverberations of joy throughout creation.

But before this can be achieved, we must start with our own experience and the experiences of those we meet. Are you even now, regardless of where you are, ready to reveal your most intimate sexual experiences to others? The answer must be YES. Insist on speaking about sex--in homes, in schools, on the streets, at any time, anywhere and everywhere. Honesty about sex should have the highest priority whenever people find themselves together. Each person's sexual experience must become part of the general knowledge. Do not be confused by the ubiquitous dishonesty and chaos you see happening around you. Cast aside mindless routines. Cast aside politics and other compensatory sops for the troubled human condition. We are on this planet to bring pleasure to others and to enlist their help in doing the same for us. Secrecy defeats that purpose. Truthfulness achieves it.