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the strategic
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artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.



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NO-ON show Berlin 2003NO!-ON SHOW with Boris Lurie, Dietmar Kirves, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Clayton Patterson, Aldo Tambellini, Seth Tobocman, Amikam Goldman, Frank-Kirk-Ehm-Marks, Blalla W. Hallmann, Harry Hass, hansk, Enzo Mastrangelo, Stu Mead, Peter Meseck, Naomi T. Salmon, Reinhard Scheibner, Bruno Schleinstein, LST, Klaus Theuerkauf, Friedrich Wall, Mathilda Wolf | Natalia Woytasik and Miron Zownir | Curated By Dietmar Kirves | GALLERY BERLIN ART PROJECT | Berlin 2003
The Dark Ages are back!. ... Today's world wide social and economic crisis brings back to thefore the fundamental questions formulated by Gauguin which the bullshit art-boom, had tried to erase: FROM WHERE WE COME? WHERE WE GO? WHERE WE ARE? Those artists and/or art-gangsters, operators and speculators who had "forgotten" that art was about that (and not about commercial success, cultural politics and Hollywoodian glitz) are now suffering the results of their own poison. In substance, nothing much has changed since Gauguin: are we objects or subjects of our own history?-J.-J. Lebel, 1995 more

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NO Iowa posterNO!art AND THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM SHOW with Rocco Armento, Isser Aronovici, Herb Brown, Al D'Arcangelo, Stanley Fisher, Dorothy Gillespie, Sam Goodman, Allan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie, Lil Picard, and Wolf Vostell | Curator Estera Milman | UIMA UNIVERSITY OF IOWA MUSEUM OF ART | Iowa City 2002.
Curated by Estera Milman, director of alternative traditions in the contemporary arts at the University of Iowa, "NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom," and its accompanying catalogue, features some of the collectives most important works relating to these events and includes a cross-section of collages, assemblages, and installations. more

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NO!art entrance posterNO!art AND THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM with Rocco Armento, Isser Aronovici, Herb Brown, Al D'Arcangelo, Stanley Fisher, Dorothy Gillespie, Sam Goodman, Allan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie, Lil Picard, and Wolf Vostell | Curator Estera Milman | MARY AND LEIGH BLOCK MUSEUM OF ART | Northwestern University | Evanston, IL 2001 | This exhibition has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and the friends of Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art.—Director: David Mickenberg more

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NO catalog BerlinNO! SHOW with Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman, Stanley Fisher, Allan d'Arcangelo, Suzan Long (Harriet Wood), Isser Aronovici, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Dorothy Gillespie, Yayoi Kusama, Michelle Stuart, Erro, Herb Brown, Stella Waitzkin, Lil Picard, Rocco Armento, Esther Gilman, Richard Tyler Initiated by Dietmar Kirves | NEUE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR BILDENDE KUNST | Berlin1995
Between "Howl" and this pile of plaster is the history of NO!art, a provocative group of artists from the Lower Hast Side of the early sixties, which the NGBK has extensively reappraised as a retrospective. The development of the group is shown in the Gallery on Oranienstrasse, while the Haus am Kleistpark is dedicated exclusively to Boris Lurie. Today, the 71-year-old Lurie manages the estate of a movement that has been all but forgotten alongside the incomparably smarter Pop Art. more

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NO poster at Stein galleryNO SHOW with Rocco Armento, Stanley Fisher, Ester Gilman, Sam Goodman, Gloria Graves, Allan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Boris Lurie, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Michelle Stuart, Richard Tyler | GALLERY GERTRUDE STEIN | New York | 1963
SEYMOUR KRIM: NO Show at Gertrude Stein Gallery | l was kindly asked to write this introduction to the NO!show for two oddly pertinent reasons: l am the editor of "The Beats", an anthology of Beat Generation prose and poetry, and the editorial director of "Nugget" magazine. If you couple the outcries of Beat literature with the direct erotic charge of a magazine like "Nugget", you have a unique marriage of elements which could not have been dreamed up before this specific, cockeyed period we're living in. more

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NO!art involvement show posterINVOLVEMENT SHOW with Isser Aronovici + Rocco Armento + Al D'Arcangelo + Herb Brown + Ferró (Erro) + John Fisher + Stanley Fisher + Esther Gilman + Sam Goodman + Gloria Graves + Dorothy Gillespie + Ted Joans + Allan Kaprow + Yayoi Kusama + Jean-Jacques Lebel + Bob Logan + Lora + Suzan Long (Harriet Wood) + Boris Lurie + Mihal Mishorit + Jerome Rothenberg + Michelle Stuart + Richard Tyler + Ray Wisniewski + Lee Zack.| MARCH GALLERY | 95 East 10th Street | New York 1961.
A new art show at the March Gallery presents an iconoclastic scouring of our world gone mad. A satirical declaration of independence against uncommitted and the shallow common place. It is an exciting show, a show in which Involvement and Innocence become the sacred symbols of survival. The show includes oil paintings, collages, drawings, and mixed media. more

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DOOM SHOW with Stanley Fisher, Sam Goodman, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie | MARCH GALLERY | 95 E 10th Street | New York | November 1961
Prepared dramatic tapes, experimental films and talks highlighting the madness involved in the preparation of atomic wars without pulling any punches.
The MARCH GALLERY is a focus for those who want to strike out against the hallowed sickness of a world preparing to die, and a place offering encouragement to the immobilized artist of the world who want to say something with a cry of passion. This show, called Doom is a call to those who want to survive. It is Art for Survival. more

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Vulgar show poster 1960THE VULGAR SHOW with Boris Lurie, John Fisher, Stanley Fisher and Sam Goodman MARCH GALLERY | 95 E 10th Street | New York November 1960
This one statement by the MARCH GROUP among a thousand countless uncalled for unfounded statements that it makes on subjects like art it knows nothing about. MOTION SICKNESS: Art has ended. The world and being collapsed. Who are you? In this void, invisibility is seminal. Drink emptiness. Drink brinks. Swill on fathoms. Who are we? The earth is a line drive single to the slaughterhouse. How that spinal column of A-bombs sprawled among letter boxes and limbs delights the indoor eye, swindles passports into paradise. Vice. Vulgar? more

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