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Rocco Armento

ROCCO ARMENTO, geboren 1924 auf Staten Island/NY, starb am 30. Dezember 2011 im Alter von 87 Jahren in Woodstock. Er diente während des Zweiten Weltkrieges in der 155. Foto-Aufklärungsstaffel der amerikanischen Armee. Nach dem Krieg studierte er an der Arts Student League in N.Y.C., an der Grand Chaumiere School in Paris, und am Mechanics Institute, The National Academy of Design and Wagner College in New York. Anfang der 60er Jahre unterrichtete er an der School of Visual Arts. Als Künstler arbeitete er in verschiedenen Medien. 1956 beginnt er seine Arbeiten in der March Gallery auf der 10. Straße in N.Y.C auszustellen, später in der Brata Gallery, Tanger Gallery, Gallery Gertrude Stein und im Block-Museum in Chicago. Er war auch jahrelang Mitglied der Experimental Aviation Association. Rocco hinterlässt zwei Söhne, Ben und Dante Armento.


Johanna Murdock-Scaglione, Virginia on Jan 1, 2011: You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Bunny & Bob Dvorak | Saugerties, New York on Jan 2, 2011: Always in our memory.

Dietmar Kirves | NO!art headquarters, Berlin/Germany on Jan 3, 2011: We mourn for the loss of Rocco Armento, friend of Boris Lurie, and involved in the NO!art.

Peter Kirby, Sacramento, CA on Jan 3, 2011: Rocco was a dedicated and creative artist who brought much beauty into the world. I was glad he was my friend. He and his sons are in my thoughts and prayers.

Harriet Wood, Marshfield, Vermont on January 6, 2011: I was part of the No!Art group with Rocco, altho I never met him, only heard Sam Goodman and Boris Lurie talk about him, with great admiration. I was going to visit him when visiting my son in Woodstock the end of January. Suzanne Long (Harriet Wood).

Richard & Dolores Morris, Flushing, NY on January 6, 2011: Dante & Ben have many great memories of a wonderful & dedicated father. May Rocco rest in peace. We send our love & prayers.

Amikam Goldman, Tel Aviv on Jan 9, 2011: I was so sad to hear that Rocco passed away. I had met him on a 3 day trip to woodstock I had made with Boris Lurie, Charles Rehwinkel and Yonatan Maron in 2001. I remember Rocco as a gentle and a sweet man. I have great memories from that trip. I know how much Boris Loved him. RIP dear Rocco.  see documentary excerpt

Gretchen Goddard, Venice, California on Jan 19, 2011: Rocco opened his home to me many times. What a spirit that man had! Every moment spent was an adventure and I will never ever forget him. So long Roc. It was truly a pleasure to know you.

Clayton Patterson, NO!art Western Front, New York on Jan 24, 2011: Boris Lurie often talked about Rocco and eventually I had the privilege of meeting Rocco. With Boris, we stayed a couple of weekends up in Woodstock. I was intrigued with all the creative building and activities Rocco had going on. Then at night, Rocco,Boris, and I would sit around the kitchen table drinking, smoking, and I, listening to them arguing about everything: the past- multiple different versions of "the Truth", if Rocco was a NO!artist, Roccos's old cars and so on. Always a warm and enjoyable time. He will be remembered as a NO!artist. Love and respect.

Johanna Murdock-Scaglione on Jan 1, 2012: You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Bunny & Bob Dvorak on Jan 2, 2012: Always in our memory.

Jeanne Chieffo Boyles, Santa Fe, New Mexico on Jan 27, 2012: So sad to hear Rocco is's been many years since Bedford St. and the Village but the memories are like yesterday...Rocco the super...Rocco the artist...Rocco the philosopher...I feel so fortunate to have known him and to have seen Dante and Ben in October at a family reunion...Rocco will always be in my head...thank you Rocco for all the entertaining left this Earth a more interesting place and touched many people while you were here!

Julie on March 8, 2012: im so sad to hear of roccos passing i have been wonder why he hasnt stopped by and when i tried to call the phone was diconeccted. rocco you are always in my heart such a great artist and man julie

Jeanne Boyles on Oct 25, 2012: Rocco I hope you and Norman are having a good time...he left here September 30th... love Jeanne Boyles

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