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kirves_no, 1983 kirves_no-mask, 1998 kirves_about-lenin, 1989
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kirves_no-holocaust, 2006 kirves_no-hell, 2006
[4] [5]
no-art_anthology, 1988 no-buchenwald, 2003
[6] [7]
[1] NO!, light drawing 1993, silverprint, 23.5 x 17 cm
[2] NO!mask, 1998, digitalprint, 80 x 56 cm
[3] ABOUT LENIN, 1989, overpainted Lenin icon, 55 x 42 cm
[4] NO!holocaust, 2006, c-print, 80 x 62 cm
[5] NO!hell, 2006, c-print, 80 x 71 cm
[6] NO!art ANTHOLOGY, compiled by Dietmar Kirves (Berlin) and Boris Lurie (New York) 1978 - 1988, Edition Hundertmark, Cologne 1988, 530 p, 284 b/w images, 20,5 x 15 cm, Paperback, with contributions by Louis Aragon, Isser Aronovici, Dore Ashton, Erje Ayden, Gregory Battcock, Herb Brown, Al Brunelle, Iris Clert, Fielding Dawson, Allan D'Arcangelo, De Hirsh Margules, Dov Or-Ner, Erro, John Fisher, Stanley Fisher, Gerard Gassiot-Talabot, Dorothy Gillespie, Esther Morgenstern Gilman, Augustus Goertz, Sam Goodman, Thomas B. Hess, Marcel Janco, Wolfgang Kahlke, Elmer L. Kline, Seymour Krim, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie, Mario de Micheli, Jack Micheline, Brian O'Doherty, Lil Picard, Harold Rosenberg, Barry N. Schwartz, Emanuel K. & Reta Shaknove Schwartz, Arturo Schwarz, Paul Simon, Gertrude Stein, Michelle Stuart, Jean Toche, Wolf Vostell, Stella Waitzkin, Ray Wisniewski and Tom Wolfe.
[7] NO!art in BUCHENWALD, BORIS LURIE: GESCHRIEBIGTES / GEDICHTIGTES [WRITINGS & POEMS], Edited by Volkhard Knigge, Weimar, Eckhart Holzboog, Stuttgart, and Dietmar Kirves, Berlin, 470 p, 135 b/w images, 21,5 x 26,5 cm, Eckhart Holzboog Verlag, Stuttgart 2003, ISBN 3-9807794-0-8, Art works, texts and poems in German by Boris Lurie compiled, designed, and edited by Dietmar Kirves for the show Boris Lurie: Works 1946-1998 at Weimar-Buchenwald Memorial 1998/99, with all exhibited works. With contributions by his friends Enrico Baj, Paolo Baratella, Herb Brown, Ronaldo Brunet, Günter Brus, Erro, Klaus Fabricius, Charles Gatewood, Paul Georges, Jochen Gerz, Esther M. Gilman, Amikam Goldman, Leon Golub, Sam Goodman, Blalla W. Hallmann, Allan Kaprow, Dietmar Kirves, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Martin Levitt, Suzanne Long, Clayton Patterson, Bernard Rancillac, Francis Salles, Naomi T. Salmon, Michelle Stuart, Aldo Tambellini, Klaus Theuerkauf, Seth Tobocman, Jean Toche, Toyo Tsuchiya, Wolf Vostell, Mathilda Wolf.



Born 1941 in Fuerstenwalde, Germany. 1962-68 Studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Kassel, and examination for teaching in artwork and theology. 1964 Public-Mentor at documenta III, Kassel (Germany). 1969-74 Mixed Media workings with electronical panels, films, sounds, art-sculptures, environments. 1970 founded mediacontact-agency with the statement, to keep relations with the public systematically through information and to promote creative cooperation among artists and interested parties, with regard to the social significance of information on art and media research, Duesseldorf. 1970-73 Editor of the booklet series art information and media news with Joseph Beuys, Terry Fox, Jochen Gerz and others. 1975 moved to Berlin and stopped the contact with the conventional art scene. 1976 worked as a street-sweeper in the Wall-City Berlin, 1975 first contact with NO!art and Boris Lurie. 1978-88 proof-reader in a scientific-press. 1982 started as publisher the plusminuspress with booklet series "Veränderungen für Alle". 1988 realized the first NO!art-anthology together with Boris Lurie at Edition Hundertmark, Cologne. 1989-92 rubbish-collector in East-Berlin for documentation the political history changing: 1993-94 originator of NO!show at NGBK-Berlin. 1996-97 Guest-professor for Visual Communication, University Kassel. 1999 he started with NO!art in the world wide web After Nine Eleven 2001 art work preparation for the show NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom at Block Museum in Evanston/ Chicago. 1999 - 2003 co-editor and realizing of the book NO!art in Buchenwald with Boris Luries' writings in German Gedichtigtes/Geschriebigtes. wikipedia

BORIS LURIE ABOUT DIETMAR KIRVES: Teutonic Knight on stalwart horse: hail, here comes Dietmar! Attack injustices, head on—collect, arrange, catalogize, injustices collected—push on, to the self-appointed German Ostland, glorious task! Weed out the Infidel!—though even they be nearly—fidel; shout out and demonstrate! protect your skull from the batons—conceptualize life's War, with the Berliners' sharply poisoned tongue. Clean up the streets, of what has been the Third and one-half Reich, and try to keep them well-brushed clean, in what is now the Global Freedom's Fourth—dressed up in Welfare cleaning-man's Red Garb. Catalogue, photographize, and write the biting lines, computerize and archivize—the Times, you Don Quixote red-wine brimming Knight! [Published in: NO!art Show No 3, catalog, New York, 1998]


DIETMAR KIRVES and NO!art By Carl Mai: The genuine animation of Kirves' art is an absolute NO!mind, NO!reason, or NO!spirit, which manifests itself in both natural and human history. NO!mind is universal and therefore cannot be identified with the mind of any particular person. Rather, each particular mind is an aspect of this NO!world mind, and the consciousness and rational activity of each person is a phase of the Absolute itself. The activity of NO!mind is dialectical in nature. Kirves is preoccupied with triadic development, one phase demanding the next by an inner necessity. In this development, known as the NO!dialectic, one concept, the thesis, is followed by its opposite, the NO!thesis; the ensuing conflict between the two is brought together at a higher level as a new concept, or NO!synthesis, which becomes the thesis of yet another triad.
Kirves' famous dictum that "NO is rational and the rational is NO" must be understood as an expression of the identity of reality and the rational process. Because reality is rational, it acts in accordance with the laws of action. At the same time, the laws of actions (NO!dialectics) are real and not mere human conventions. To understand the nature of reality of thought, then, is to understand the nature of reality as a whole. The science of his NO!logic is the most nearly basic form in which the process of reason is to be apprehended. Even his nature manifests the dialectical activity of NO!mind and is to be studied from a NO!perspective rather than from a more limited empirical one.
The dynamic activity of NO!mind is also apparent in human affairs. NO!art is the immediate, sensuous expression of creative NO!reason as it represents itself to itself. Although the NO!artist may not be aware of the ultimate rational process alive in the work of creation, the human being is, and thus the human being can study NO!art for the representation of reality that it really is. Kirves also finds that the NO!artists understand NO!religion as more than traditional, symbolic ritual. He holds that in general NO!religion is the highest nonrational manifestation of the absolute. The highest evolution of religious NO!expression, the concept of NO!incarnation symbolically reflects the truth that the infinite is manifest in the finite and not distinct from it.
For Kirves, the nature of NO!mind can most immediately and clearly be known in NO!art. Here reason is truly revealed as reason—and rational NO!process. [published in: NO!art Show no 3, catalog, New York, 1998]

ABOUT CARL MAI: He is an undercover writer and looks in the world like Grimmelshausen with his Simplicissimus in the 17th century after the religious wars. Mai's book is in progress under the title "Wie es weiter ging [The Ongoing Happiness]". Carl Mai is the alias for Dietmar Kirves.


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