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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.

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Stu Mead: Daddy OhStu Mead: Heil DwarfsStu Mead: Horse and CowStu Mead: Library
Stu Mead: MenStu Mead: SchoolStu Mead: SistersStu Mead: Factory
Stu Mead: BathroomStu Mead: NursesStu Mead: StageStu Mead: Cobra Killer
Stu Mead: RocketStu Mead: Rosemary's BabyStu Mead: HandStu Mead: SidewalkStu Mead: Hospital Museum
Stu Mead: BackyardStu Mead: Big GunsStu Mead: WomenStu Mead: ViolinStu Mead: Kitchen
Stu Mead: KommunionStu Mead: GladeStu Mead: LoveStu Mead: Meal
Stu Mead: CoupleStu Mead: StripteaseStu Mead: School
Stu Mead: ViewStu Mead: PreludeStu Mead: Girl with Swans
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