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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



By Sergei Teterin  |  2-16-2015  |  1:58 min  |  The art of the portrait, an artistic representation of a person, has flourish for centuries in many cultures through a variety of fine art forms such as painting, sculpture and photography. The new mediums created new possibilities for artistic insight into conveying the nuances of a personality.—Anna Frants.

stinking womanSTINKING WOMAN-OUTTAKE (for Ellen)
By Katya Gorka  |  2011  |   2:20 min  |  Konstantine Kuzminsky, exiled anarchist and avant-garde poet recalls an expedition in Siberia, living among the eveny and Yakut people as a geological surveyor- a common position given to poets and intellectuals in soviet era. outtake from "chekhovs dogs" a personal/experimental documentary about mushroom foraging among the russian diaspora.

about his archiveABOUT HIS ARCHIVE
By Nurenzia  |  11-07-2009  |  2:13 min  |  The publisher of "The Blue Lagoon Anthology of Modern Russian Poetry" Konstantin Kuzminsky talks about his archive.

interview  |  click and viewINTERVIEW
By Igor Sopronenko  |  2006  |  28:02 min  |  in Russian language

birthday  |  click and viewBIRTHDAY
By Andrei Zagdansky  |  2006  |  2:42 min  |  trailer  |  In an American village on the bank of the river Delaware in an old little house next to the railway line there lives a certain Konstantin Kuzminsky, a Russian poet, an "enfant terrible" of Russian emigration. There is his wife nicknamed Mouse, books, numerous portraits, cats… And his memories…