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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.

    Lurie's Last Will



NO!art  originally generated by a force of  TOTAL REJECTION  has sprouted elsewhere into a movement of purification and affirmation. The NO!artists had lived underground all right - their exhibits even took place in basements only - and their art too was kept below ground, bound and gagged, suppressed almost forgotten.

Most of its members had been finally silenced having beaten their heads bloody against hard stone walls, had ceased working publicly or had died, or continue struggling in the arts, or have switched to other pursuits. Yet someplace else in same and other media, the planted seed had continued growing and multiplying by the hundreds in the four corners of the world.  Boris Lurie: Shit NO!

Lurie: On No, 1962Goodman: Chess Set, 1961Fisher: Murders, 1962
Patterson: Thinking, 1996Kirves: Ikone, 1989

INVOLVED ARTISTS:  Armento + Aronovici + Baj + Baratella + Becher + Brown + Brunet + Bruno + Brus + Chorbadzhiev + D'Arcangelo + Dayen + De Ruvo + Ehm-Marks + Erro + Fabricius + Fisher + Gatewood + Georges + Gerz + Gillespie + Gilman + Goldman + Golub + Goodman + Hallmann + Hjuler + Kaprow + Kirves + Kusama + Kuzminsky + Lebel + Levitt + Long + Lurie + Mama Baer + Mastrangelo + Mead + Meseck + Patterson + Picard + Pinchevsky + Ramsauer + Rancillac + Roussel + Salmon + Scheibner + Schleinstein + Stahlberg + Stuart + Tambellini + Tobocman + Toche + Tsuchiya + Vostell + Wall + Wolf + Woytasik + Zownir

aronovici: Lion, 1963baj: nuclear, 1952Levitt: Cheyenne Bitware, 1999baratella: prosperity, 1971
Erro: Bombing, 1960Dayen: Tri, 2005Gatewood: Falcon, 1964D'Arcangelo: Madonna, 1962Gilman: Christ-Mousetrap, 1964
Gillespie-Goodman: her coffin, 1964Golub: Spinx, 1965De Ruvo: Jeunesse, 2011Fabricius: Redezvous der Hände, 2003
armento: torso, 1964Georges: Mugging, 1972Ehm-Marks: Teufel, 2003Brown: Party, 1964
Lebel: Lenin, 1959Kaprow: Tree, 1963Brunet: Obliteration, 1999Goldman: Sea Sirenes, 2000
Stuart: Alter, 1962Kusama: Accumulation, 1963Kuzminsky: Photo of mine, 1999Picard: Lady, 1969Tambellini: Kill, 1974
Gerz: European, 2007Toche: Human beeing, 1969Salmon: Time, 2001
Hallmann: Gott-Liebe, 1993Mastrangelo: Moneymaker, 2005Salles: Figure Phantasie, 1976Chorbadzhiev: Licht, 2007Brus: Mensch-Lachen, 2000
Tobocman: City, 1988Roussel: Distorted Faces, 2012Long: Last of Just, 2009Hjuler: Nachdenklicher, 2008Mama Baer: Wahrnehmungsstörung, 2011
Mead: Dwarfs, 2002Hass: Babylon, 2003Bruno (Schleinstein): Heimweh, 1999Pinchevsky: Triumphant, 1991Meseck: Multiple Psychose, 2000
Rancillac: Meinhof, 1978Ramsauer: People, 2011Stahlberg: Hammer, 2011Wall: Hellracer, 1989
Vostell: Flower, 1968Scheibner: Zustand, 2003Tsuchiya: Sculpture, 1994
Wolf: Cleopatra, 2007Woytasik: Mask, 1999Zownir: Moskau, 1995

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